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What is Breath Work?

Rebirthing Breathwork is a type of Conscious Breathing, a noninvasive, profound and powerful approach for remedial and personal transformation. This rebirthing or breath work therapy is about independence from our whole life conditioning and living a life in association with who we actually are.

You can analyze the Sensible Breathing with just one or two sittings of Breath Work therapy, take an exploration of self finding with ten or more sittings or you can make rebirthing therapy a routine in your life, this can change your life completely.

The our way of breathing reflects the conditions how we live. Our breathe influence our feelings, thinking, reaction, mainly it influence way of our living. Since Conscious breath is a powerful healing tool so Conscious breathing correspond conscious living.

Rebirthing or Breathwork is a self-transcendent or spiritual therapy in which your body fetch into the external material from your life which needs to be merged. In a noninvasive way you come to experience and to understand

  1. The way you present to the world
  2. your fantasy and admires
  3. your sensations and affections
  4. The way you live in your body
  5. The way your alert and unconscious remembrance and past exposure influences your life

When these knowledge come outside, you may find yourself

  1. sensed deeply relaxed and calm
  2. drowsy, tearful or amusing
  3. feeling twitter in your hands or feet
  4. reflex sudden changes in your body temperature
  5. follow abnormal body postures
  6. encountering current of energy
  7. hearing sounds, seeing colours
  8. recapturing past events

Once you back into the understanding, the past knowledge can be combined and healed.

Important aspect of the Rebirthing is that the breath and your body always suggest the right substance for you to be merged in a particular juncture. You may state a desire for the session to work with, but it is the breath that achieves the healing and it may bring up something completely surprising. Your body never tells though all that you are not prepared to abide and accommodate, and with a skilful Breathwork practitioner You enter a yawning, safe journey of self-discovery and healing.

Dr Sandeep Bhasin run private Rebirthing Breathwork practice from Citranjampark, New Delhi 110001.

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