CranioSacral therapy treatments

Craniosacral Therapy and Pregnancy

The woman bodies throughout pregnancy Craniosacral Therapy techniques are can alleviate many before and after pregnancy pains and problems that disturb the body in varying extent, both physical and emotional.

Pregnancy and becoming a Mummy is one of the greatest body adaptation a woman’s body has to tolerate. Craniosacral Therapy efficiently aid and lessen headaches, backache, scar tissue adhesions, after caesarian births, and post natal depression. CraniSacral Therapy is certainly effective in adapting the woman body for a natural birth as the methods used assist to get ready the body and positioning of the child to acknowledge a natural vaginal delivery of child which is the first choice of all women.

Pregnancy is a concrete experience of motherhood. The mother has to slowly accommodate to carry up to 10 kg of baby, waters and placenta in the course of the pregnancy.

As a result, the expectant Mum can experience:

Nausea or vomiting, morning sickness, burning sensation, constipation, swelling in joints ankles and wrists, urinary repetitiveness, sensitivity to infection, leg muscle spasms, varicose veins, breast ache, joints ache, back pain, neck or shoulder pain, ribs or diaphragm pain, headache, sinusitis, disturbed sleep, fatigue and increased blood pressure.

How CST can help during pregnancy

The rise in oestrogen, as well as progesterone and related hormones in pregnancy, is also in part accountable for the acclamation of emotions a pregnant woman experiences. Raised circulating levels and aggravate the innumerable feelings a pregnant woman can have. Anxiety related to how a mummy may realize about her, the way her body is transforming is normal and her anxiety related to her health and the health of the child. Expectation of the new role of being a mother and the changes a new born child will bring to the family may be amazing.

Craniosacral therapy amid and post pregnancy can be very advantageous in the following ways:

  • Craniosacral therapy eases the physical pains of pregnancy
  • In many cases, it can benefit to stop a miscarriage
  • It helps to get ready the woman body for the requirements of child birth.

Craniosacral therapy assists the improvement following both physically and emotionally by balancing hormonal levels, dealing with areas of scarring, restoring the uterus to its natural position, and reducing the pelvic strain.

Craniosacral Therapy helps a body of a woman to accommodate the changes developed by pregnancy and help her to get ready for labour in a completely resourced condition. It can help woman to get relaxed and guarantee there is good pelvic adjustments going into the birth.

Working with the Craniosacral system of mothers and babies post natally can help recovery from the bad effects of childbirth on the health of woman. This therapy may help the reorganization of the woman’s body to a pre pregnant state, encourage the emotional bonding between mother and her child, calm down mother’s nervous systems and gives them time to concentrate on their requirements as a mother.

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