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How Rebirthing Therapy Can Reinvigorate Life

Controlled breathing helps curb negative elements in a person developing the positive ones and that is how rebirthing therapy reinvigorates one’s life effectively helping stress management

A technique in which controlled breathing is used to curb the negative elements in life and develop their positive counterparts; rebirthing therapy can give one a virtual new birth. Negative emotions in mind like fear, anger, irritation, and depression can downslide the life and personality of human beings. Rebirthing is an effective therapeutic cure for such mental ailments that have massive physical impact as well.

Elements of Rebirthing:

Major elements of rebirthing are as follows.

  • It is conscious use of controlled breathing as a therapy and alternative to traditional medication and psychopathic treatments.
  • Patients are usually victims of traumatic events resulting in emotional breakdowns.
  • Rebirthing therapy helps such people to get over their traumatic conditions.

Core Logic:

As evident from the name ‘rebirth’ the core logic of the theorem is giving a person a second birth shelving his current traumatic life. The new birth is calm, quiet, peaceful, vibrant, and full of positive energy.

  • People undergoing traumatic conditions are often faced with situations that are mentally and physically extremely painful.
  • Rebirth therapy helps them get rid of such conditions with the use of controlled breathing in a pre-determined and scientific manner.
  • Basic objective of the therapy is to improve the mental and physical strength of the patient empowering him or her to fight with such adversities and win over them at the end of it.
  • Thus in essence; the therapy is a stress management process.

Why it is called Rebirth?

Why the process is called rebirth? The innovators of the therapy believe that taking birth is one of the most traumatic events in the life of a child progressing form mother’s womb to the world outside. When a man passes through similar process in his life using controlled breathing for the purpose of stress management and getting out of the traumatic conditions, it is like a second birth to him and this feeling has inspired the name rebirth.

Controlled Breathing for Rebirthing:

The essence of the therapeutic process is using breathing in a controlled manner. In fact, controlled breathing and its use as exercise can work wonders for the body and mind of any person. Like in normal times, the breathing in rebirthing therapy is also used to control the thoughts as well as actions of the person performing the breathing exercises. The performer in this process starts inhaling and exhaling without break and has close resemblance with the ‘Pranayam’ in Yoga exercises. This therapy is simple, liberating, and relaxing and gives wonderful results.

To get the best results however, it is necessary that the performer obtains proper guidance on rebirthing from highly experienced and reputable experts in the field and it can be online as well.

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