CranioSacral therapy treatments

Rebirthing Sessions

All Rebirthing or Breathwork sessions are separate, but a one-to-one session has a usual format containing three parts.

Beginning the session

This is the instance for the rebirthing to discuss about how you are. This may contain how is your ordinary life, affairs, work, what brings happiness to you and what are you suffering with. Also, how you were experiencing after the final session, what has transformed in your life, did you have any nightmares that you keep in mind, any thoughts of the past that have come up. This is the time to research and give back on how you are.


While you are in session Dr. Sandeep Bhasin will call upon you to target on your breathing and right away, to begin breathing in a conscious affiliated way. The breath will lift you on a journey where the knowledge in a need of healing will be developed from the unconscious into consciousness. The proof may come in the form of a memory of a certain happening of past, a sense or bodily feeling, a reliance or an aim which does not work for you anymore and requires changing, an inspiring thought, realisation.

You will continue in the energy of the breathing unconsciousness for as long as it is required for the restoration to take place. After a sometime, went from few minutes up to 1 hour 30 minutes, the breathing journey will be completed and you will return to normal consciousness feeling calm and at peace.

Discussion and Sharing

This is the time where Dr Sandeep Bhasin will discuss the breathing session looking for the understanding and the relevance of it to your life. Sometimes you may need many words to integrate the experience and sometimes very little or none. A full Breathwork session with Dr sandeep Bhasin assistance lasts approximately 3 hours.

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