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Welcome to Dr Sandeep Bhasin website answering questions & eliminate myths about past life regression therapy. If you want to analyze your own past lives in more depth, Dr Sandeep Bhasin can help you to a variety of resources for doing regression sessions in Delhi. This Past life regression therapy can lead to important transformations in how you aspect yourself and the world. People generally go away with a greater recognition of the eternal nature of their being, their network to others, and a closer knowledge of the love filled energy that control all life.

Past life regression therapy also know as past life therapy or regression therapy, is based upon the assumption that we are souls, who carry forward learning & experiences from one human lifetime to another. As eternal souls, we get material life on Earth in a succession of human bodies & correlated personalities. On eternal soul level, we pick each life situation as a means of challenging ourselves with new positions & opportunities for learning. Some people rely that we have only one human lifetime. In this matter, the stories draw out by this therapeutic approach serve as astonishing significant analogy for the controversy & situations being encountered in the present time. Whether discovering 'real' past lives or not, the approach has helped many people determine issues & get past stuck points that were contrary to other therapeutic approaches. In addition, it's a interesting way to experience other conditions of your self and your personality.

Past Life Regression is a approach which will take an individual back through time to their previous lives by accessing secret memories in the subconscious mind. It requires a trained past life therapist to guide you & apply the use of hypnosis along with determination procedures very much alike to those used in some forms of meditation.

So what will you confront in these past lives? Some persons uncover lives that they have common with person that they have a tight bond with in their present day life. Others are drawn to certain places or countries that they at once feel good feeling and familiar with. Each life explored is a journey and an adventure for both the subject and the therapist. You can explore your future too.

Of course, not all the problems & issues are implanted in background from earlier lifetimes. It is substantial to characterize when we have a current life problems that requires to be addressed by other methods. Some of the more important areas in which past life therapy has traditionally been used are:

  • Worrying actions and mental out look patterns that have continued over time, despite attempts to change it.
  • Relationship gesture, like passionate attraction or dislike to another person, deep rooted problems that confront determination.
  • Phobias – excessive fears, like fear of heights or fear of water, that appear irrelevant to an happening in the current life time Some never ending physical disorder, sensations & pains.
  • Dominant approach or passion that appear to continue throughout life.

Newer techniques of past life therapy are really appealing & beneficial. Rather than going after frightful or annoying remembrance, we focus on positive happenings. These areas include:

  • Accessing mental or physical stamina and ability from previous lifetimes that can be brought forward to enhance determination & influence in the present life.
  • Re-experiencing a cheerful, happy life can deliver a sense of balance and peace in difficult times, allowing us to work by our temporary difficulties.
  • Clarifying direction and life ambition by examining our blueprint for this lifetime.
  • Finding previous lifetimes shared with current loved ones, bringing a great sense of reassurance that we are actually never separated from those we love.
  • Accessing the insight, peace and guidance that is available from the "Life Between Lives" where our higher mind and/or Guides can assess our progress and give direction to us for our current lifetime.
  • Strengthening the clarity of the spiritual nature of our existence

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